3 Smart Ways to Out-Test the Competition

You’ve been there, and I have too.
It’s that moment of sheer exhaustion when you finally put the finishing touches on that new ebook you’re going to give away, that audio recording you’ll sell, or that video series you’re using to launch your new membership site.
You’re done. Finally!
Except — and I hate to be the one to break the bad news — you’re not.
Because after you’ve put the finishing touches on that new piece of content you’ll offer for an opt-in or a purchase, the true final phase is running quality assurance tests (QA, for short).
Before we continue, let me make a confession.
I’m writing this post based on personal experience.
You see, sometimes I write the post I need to read. And this testing phase is one I’ve glossed over too many times in the past.
It hasn’t always been pretty. Thankfully, my readers and customers are — for the most part — lovely, patient people. When things haven’t worked as they expected, they let me know, I responded quickly, and I was able to remedy the situation.
Now that I’m part of the Copyblogger team and I see first-hand the time and resources we devote to testing our products before we release them, I’m inspired to make testing a crucial final step for every product I create.
That’s why you’re reading this post today. It’s for me, and it’s for you. Let’s learn together.
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