How Online Courses Accelerate Any Business Model

The online education industry will rake in $107 billion in 2015. And with the sale of to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion, the commercial sector is leading and pulling away from traditional institutions in the “just in time” education market.
People want online courses, and they’ll clearly pay for them.
And if great content marketing is giving away information worth paying for, then it seems smart to offer online courses as an audience-building and lead generation strategy.
In this 25-minute episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Brian and Robert Bruce discuss:

Why free courses are the best lead generation tool
Why you don’t have to create a to succeed
Our lead gen strategy (that works) from 2012
How Brian used this same strategy a decade earlier
Why people choose to buy from you
How we launched the Rainmaker Platform with a new podcast
Why you’ve likely created a valuable online course already

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