How Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone Writes

Coral-coiffed marketer and prolific online publisher Sonia Simone stopped by The Writer Files on Rainmaker.FM this week to share her writing secrets with us.
Ms. Simone is co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Copyblogger Media, as well as an educator, speaker, and the devious mastermind behind the podcast Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer.
Sonia appeared in The Writer Files written series on Copyblogger and stopped by again to drop some writerly wisdom on us.
In this 18-minute file, host Kelton Reid and Sonia Simone discuss:

Why you should read outside your echo chamber
Sonia’s secret of reading the tea leaves
Writer’s block vs. deadlines
Productivity for flakes, head cases, and other natural disasters
The fetishization of creativity
Sonia admits her most unwholesome writer’s addiction
Why the more you care, the more you’ll write

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