The Introvert’s Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast

Demian Farnworth is an introvert. Demian Farnworth is also a successful podcaster.
In case you were under the false impression that those two couldn’t go together, we offer up this insightful episode of The Lede.
Across 35 minutes in this episode, hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth discuss:

Demian’s biggest concern going from co-hosting a podcast to running his own show
How Demian deals with the “disembodied” audience connection that podcasts make possible, but also hard to measure
The misconception about successful podcasters that Demian is “blowing out of the water”
Why Demian named his show “Rough Draft”
Why he chose to release four episodes a week (and how he stays ahead of that ambitious schedule)
How producing four shows per week is accelerating Demian’s podcasting learning curve
Where Demian plans to take Rough Draft
How Demian deals with the negative feedback he has received
What advice Demian would give to any fellow introvert considering starting a podcast
And … could Jerod actually pull off long hair?

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