Rapid-Fire Takeaways from Authority Rainmaker

Authority Rainmaker came and went two weeks ago, but its impact is still being felt.
In this episode of The Lede, Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris go back and forth delivering quick-hit takeaways from the conference that stuck with them once they left Denver.
Among the speakers Jerod and Demian discuss:

Dan Pink
Scott Brinker
Pamela Wilson
Sonia Simone
Ann Handley
Bernadette Jiwa
Chris Brogan
Sally Hogshead
Danny Sullivan
Michael King
Joe Pulizzi
Sean D’Souza
Joanna Lord
Scott Stratten and Ryan Deiss

And, of course, Henry Rollins — though they save the majority of the Rollins talk for next week’s follow-up episode.
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