What Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure Online?

Running an online business seems simple. All of those guru-type people make it sound that way. But what happens when it isn’t?
On paper (or in pixels), it all looks pretty straightforward.
Start an online-based business around helping people reach a certain goal. Maybe it’s a fitness goal, or a parenting goal, or learning a new professional skill.
Online education is exploding, so we know that more and more people are looking online to learn a task or skill they care about.
Some people seem to start a small site, gather an interested audience, and then before you know it they’re making a living with a course, a coaching program, or even a simple ebook.
But when you try it … it’s not so simple.
(It wasn’t so simple for me, either. Not by a long shot.)
There are still some widespread myths about how people make — or don’t make — a living with an online business.
In particular, there are two ways of looking at online business that are equally unrealistic. They’re really two sides of the same delusional coin.
Myth #1: Online business has magic powers
Of course, we’ve all seen the hype-y pitches:
Make millions in your underwear by starting a business on the Internet!
Can you actually make millions in your underwear? Sure you can — if you put the time and effort in to build a sustainable business, and the right pieces (right market, right reach, right product) are all aligned.
Some days, to tell the truth, you’re making money in

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