How to Succeed in Online Education (On Your Own Terms)

There’s a huge shift happening in the world of on-demand online education.
It’s commercial enterprises and savvy small businesses that are filling the demand for courses and lessons, rather than the typical institutions of learning.
Brian Clark saw an interesting article in Fast Company recently about jobs of the future. One job description caught his eye — there will be a large need for “freelance professors” as teaching moves into the on-demand realm.
From the article:
“The continued growth of online courses and the introduction of alternative accreditations will spawn a growth in freelance or independent professors. By 2025 all you need to start your own university is a great online teaching style, course materials, and marketing plan.”
This is what we predicted, and have been preparing people for, since 2007 with our Teaching Sells course. The difference being that the field is becoming littered with VC-backed education platforms that want you to make them rich rather than building your own platform and audience.
Yep … digital sharecropping comes to online education. Have we learned from the lessons of Facebook, Amazon, and Apple? Do you really think they have your best interests at heart?
In this 11-minute episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, we’ll cover:

The mainstream acceptance of online learning
Why you haven’t “missed the boat”
How to make a living with online education
What to be aware of and what to beware of
The truth about leveraging a VC-backed platform

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