Webinar: The 3 Reasons People Fail when Developing Online Products

I wrote a post last week about the awesome things that can happen when you build a business around selling your own products or services.
If you haven’t read that post, spoiler alert: You make more money.
It’s also fun, and interesting, and lets you connect with your audience in a deeper way, beyond the connections you make on your blog or social media accounts.
But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.
If it’s so awesome, how come everyone doesn’t do it?
If it was as 1-2-3-easy as some of the gurus want you to think, we’d all be swimming in cash and Lamborghinis.
You probably wouldn’t be a Copyblogger reader if you bought into some of the insulting “so easy an orangutan could do it” promises.
So here’s the grown-up truth: Creating your own product takes time, it takes work, and it takes knowledge.
And the first time you do it, it’s a little bit like getting that 156-drawer cabinet from Ikea. You’ve got all the pieces on the floor of the living room, and the prospect of putting them together can look pretty daunting.
Can you do it? You absolutely can. But it’s easier with help.
We like helping people like you
One of our missions with this blog and this business is to help people take the hard stuff and make it easier.
I’d love it if you joined me and Chris Garrett for a free session on the mistakes people make when they’re putting together a product to sell

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