How to Use the 5 Stages of Audience Awareness to Dominate Online

In the last episode of Rough Draft, Demian Farnworth walked you through the magic that is an Upworthy headline as an introduction to a concept called “The 5 Stages of Audience Awareness.”
The actual name is “The 5 Stages of Market Awareness” — a concept originally developed by Eugene Schwartz.
But Demian modified it for our purposes.
Every product or idea goes through these stages. And to maximize your chances of getting noticed (and getting read), you’ve got to know which stage your audience is in.
In this 9-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth, you’ll discover:

What to do when your reader is weary of your headlines
How to write a headline when competitors start copying you
When you should elaborate on and enlarge the mechanism
How to write a headline if your product or idea is in stage one
The simple way to revive a dead product or idea (unfortunately, most people start here)

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