The Overlooked ‘Details’ that Can Get Your Business Noticed

You’ve told people what you do and they’re still not interested? The answer might be right under your nose …
In this episode of Hit Publish, we’re going digging for gold as we look at one way to make sure you’re telling the best story about your business or service.
Quite often, when you Hit Publish on content for your own business, it’s easy to miss the golden details that build engagement and interest in your offer.
In fact, quite often business owners think these golden details are innocuous and not worth mentioning. That’s a mistake you definitely want to avoid.
Because to your customer, they can be the make-or-break details about whether they feel confident enough to do business with you.
Tune in to this episode of Hit Publish to find out:

Why the start of the “Dear Amy” agony aunt column could be the end to your Hit Publish problems
How seven words from Alfred Hitchcock (and an explosive story) help you write content that engages your customer
How Disney World nailed the use of “Golden Details” to build the value of their brand
The 15 minute activity you can do today to reveal the Golden Details of your business

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