The Key to Creating an Irreplaceable Podcast

This post is about toothpaste.
And about being different.
And the wise words of two brilliant women.
And Champagne.
And how it all intertwines to create an essential piece of advice for how to get your podcast (or any other piece of online content for that matter) noticed, consumed, beloved … and never replaced.
Let’s start with the words of those two brilliant women.
Different is better than better. — Sally Hogshead
In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.
— Coco Chanel
To be clear: There is nothing wrong with being better. Neither Ms. Hogshead nor Ms. Chanel would argue differently.
Being better than your competition is a good thing — offering a better product, delivering better quality, providing better access to better information, etc.
It’s just not good enough. Certainly not anymore.
Now click this link. It’s a picture. It will open in a new window. Look at it. Come back.
What did you notice first?
The toothpaste … or the woman in the aisle holding the glass of Champagne?
The Internet is just one big toothpaste aisle
That’s really all it is.
You can try to attract attention by offering a better toothpaste, and maybe even a shinier box … or you can demand attention by being the woman in the aisle holding the glass of Champagne.
How do you know the woman in the picture doesn’t have the best toothpaste the world has ever known in that satchel she has draped across her arm? You don’t. She might. She might not.
Either way,

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