How to Create a Visual Brand and Fight the Dark Forces

Have you seen Star Wars? Of course you have.
My colleagues at Copyblogger are a little crazy about this movie, so when they found out that I had never seen Star Wars, they all freaked out.
The next day, I received a package with the complete trilogy on Blu-ray (the original one, of course) from our Chief Digital Officer, Chris Garrett.
I rushed to my TV set and watched them all at once.
I really enjoyed the films, but the visual branding of the dark forces really held my attention.
What can we learn about building a visual brand from Star Wars?
Find the right balance
Let’s first look at the handsome fellows that make up the dark forces:

Maybe they all look a little too plain or boring, but they are amazingly cohesive and elegant (good job, Darth Vader!).
Now, let’s look at the good guys:

They’re definitely more interesting, but there is no consistency at all here. They might all work for a good cause, but their visual representation is poor.
You want your brand to fall somewhere between these two examples.
Your visual branding should be simple, polished, and cohesive — but with a little touch of Chewbacca.
And that’s what we’re going to talk about today …
What is a visual brand, and why is it important?
On the Internet, your competition is just a few clicks away, so it’s really important to have a strong visual presence. You want to capture attention immediately and invite people to engage with your content.
Visual branding

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