How Veteran Podcaster and Content Marketer Jerod Morris Writes

The Showrunner behind multiple top-ranking podcasts and Vice President of Marketing for the Rainmaker.FM podcast network, Jerod Morris, paid The Writer Files host Kelton Reid a visit this week to talk about his beginnings as a writer, podcaster, and digital marketer.
Mr. Morris started out online as a sports blogger and became the editor of a high-traffic blog that was tapped by Fox Sports.
His blogging has led to quite a few opportunities for the writer, including:

Co-founding a WordPress hosting company
Leading the editorial team for
Launching and co-hosting multiple top-ranked podcasts
Becoming the VP of Marketing for the Rainmaker.FM podcast network — to name only a few

On the eve of the launch of his new Showrunner Podcasting Course, Kelton and Jerod had a chance to talk shop.
In this file, Kelton Reid and Jerod Morris discuss:

How sports blogging led to a host of opportunities
A simple writing hack for email marketers
Why writing makes you a better podcaster
How scheduling greatly increases your productivity
Why writers need to embrace their imperfections
How to infuse everything you do with creativity
Some very wise words from Teddy Roosevelt

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