How to Pre-Sell Your Product by Offering Tantalizing Samples

Selling a product is much easier when you have a pre-sell strategy in place.
To understand the concept of the pre-sell, it might be a good idea to take a walk around a supermarket.
In this store, you’re likely to see some folks doling out samples of their products. Some days, these folks look kind of forlorn as they passively stand there with their sausage, ice cream, or wine samples as people politely taste their offerings and walk away.
To us, it just looks like a feature that keeps customers happy as they walk around the store.
To the company promoting their products, the samples have the power to dramatically increase sales.
Surely samples don’t work that well, do they?
Oh yes, they do. But first …
What are samples?
Samples are simply a “bit of yourself and your work.”
If you sell soap, then a soap sample is a piece of not just the soap, but also the reason why you make that soap in the first place.
If you’re writing a book, content samples give a reader insight into not only your writing, but also who you are and what you stand for. 
The moment before a potential client gets a sample, she has no connection to your product. But the moment she samples it, her world changes just a little bit.
And the moment you decide to give away samples, your world changes a lot.
Really? Is sampling that important?
Samples are amazing. They’re super-duper amazing!
And they’re so underrated

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