How to Earn More Money (and Keep Your Sanity) by Developing a Professional Support Network

My house was packed with more than 40 women, and we were all chowing down on casseroles, salads, and brownies.
In February 2012, I hosted a potluck dinner for my networking and professional group, the Boulder Media Women (BMW). BMW is a group of more than 400 female media professionals who get together on a regular basis for happy hour events, group coffee dates, and potluck dinners.
BMW members are all associated with media in some way — we’ve got content marketers, freelance writers, authors, magazine editors, and graphic designers in the group.
On the night of my potluck on Leap Day 2012, I was getting ready to make a big, exciting announcement. I took a deep breath, stood up on a chair, and clinked my glass to get everyone’s attention.
“I have an announcement to make, everyone,” I said. “I quit my day job today, and I’m striking out on my own!”
The roar of support and approval that came from the crowd still rings in my ears today. I will never forget it.
Get the support you need to make big changes
For years, the members of BMW had offered advice, support, and encouragement as I planned my escape from cubicle nation.
They knew exactly how difficult it was for me to quit, and they were there to celebrate with me when I finally took the leap.
Knowing I had a supportive and encouraging network of freelancers, business owners, authors, and consultants made me feel like I

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