6 Steps to Building an Audience That Builds a Business

It’s taken awhile, but the startup world is starting to recognize the power of building an audience before building a product. That’s music to our ears.
That’s the way Copyblogger Media grew out of a one-man blog. Back in 2012, while chronicling how that happened, Brian Clark coined the term minimum viable audience, effectively tying content marketing to the lean startup movement.
A case study on Copyblogger Media in The Lean Entrepreneur brought the message to a wider audience of entrepreneurial hopefuls. Now, Joe Pulizzi is dedicating an entire book to the subject, which may well provide the tipping point.
It’s called Content Inc., and in this episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Joe joins Brian to provide the methodology that many, many companies have used to turn an audience into successful products and services. Plus, Joe shares several examples of companies you may have never heard of that have used content as the catalyst for a startup business.
In this episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Joe Pulizzi and Brian discuss:

Why startups are more innovative than large companies at content
The coming exodus of talent leaving the enterprise for startups
Multiple examples of successful companies that were “audience first”
When Content Inc. is available for purchase
The inspiration behind the Content Inc. Summit

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