How to Write Multiple Magnetic Tweets About Any Content (Without Being Repetitive)

If you’re using social media channels such as Twitter to promote your content, then this show is for you. This week, Hit Publish host Amy Harrison is looking at different ways you can ‘beef up your tweets’ and write multiple updates to promote just one post (without sounding boring or repetitive).
When you’re posting tweets (or other social media updates) to get people to your content, it can feel like you are broadcasting again and again, just repeatedly sending out information and hoping someone bites.
But social media is really just a conversation, so when you’re thinking about what to write, don’t think about sending a message to your followers, instead, imagine you’re sitting opposite one potential reader. You have one sentence to encourage them to read your content. What would you say?
In this episode of Hit Publish, host Amy Harrison discusses:

Different styles of questions you can use to engage your reader
How to make people feel special and included by asking for their opinion
Why warnings make readers sit up and listen
How you can find multiple ‘benefit’ angles to talk about just one post

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