Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?

That is the question.
It’s the question I’m asked as soon as someone discovers that I manage the editorial team for Copyblogger.
You see back in March, there was a sudden influx of audio content here on the pages of Copyblogger. We launched our podcast network — Rainmaker.FM — and (of course) wanted to share the new content we were creating with all of you.
But we may have confused you, too. Based on the questions I get, we’ve certainly confused at least some of you.
I’m here today to set the record straight. I want to let you know what we really think about podcasting, and how it relates to written content, and where we see content marketing going in the future.

What’s so great about podcasting?
Podcasting boasts some pretty big advantages.
We’ve covered how podcasts have the power to connect you to your audience like nothing else.
But there’s something else that’s important to note about podcasts and we haven’t talked about it in detail here.
Podcasts are on-demand media. You can consume a podcast whenever you want, and almost wherever you want. And — this is a big one — you can consume podcasts while you’re doing something else.
I’ve listened to podcasts while:

Driving a car
Painting walls
Cleaning house
Flying on an airplane
Walking through a grocery store
Making artwork
Trying to fall asleep

Try doing that with a blog post!
That’s why we’re bullish on podcasting. There’s no other media that is as portable as a podcast, or as easy to consume while otherwise occupied.
It’s why

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