3 Resources to Help You Create Remarkable Visual Content

As someone who made an intentional decision to have a career working with words, talking to you about the importance of visual content makes me feel a little weird.
But I have to tell you, when I’ve been scrolling through my Twitter timeline lately, it’s the updates with intriguing visuals that catch my eye. They’re the ones I read, and the links I click.
In the current digital marketing landscape, the strategic use of visual content — whether it accompanies text or stands alone — is a smart move as you strive to produce the best experience for your audience.
This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will help you learn:

How to create simple, captivating drawings
How to use images to engage distracted readers
How to create a visual brand

As you work your way through the material below, think of these lessons as a mini visual content creation course.

How to Create Simple Drawings to Clarify Your Ideas and Captivate Your Audience

If you think you can’t draw, Mike Davenport and Henneke are out to prove you wrong in How to Create Simple Drawings to Clarify Your Ideas and Captivate Your Audience.
They’ll show you how anyone can draw images without an art school education or fancy tools. Mike and Henneke explain that:
Simple images are quick to draw, and you don’t have to buy them. You might even find that readers engage more with hand-drawn images because they are more personal.
My favorite tip from this article

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