The Transformative Effect of a Well-Built Brand Statement

I spent this past weekend among a group of smart writers at Jeff Goins’s first Tribe Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
Jeff asked me to speak about content marketing (one of my favorite topics).
But I was an attendee as well. Jeff populated the conference with lots of excellent speakers, some of whom I’d never heard speak before.
So I took advantage of the invitation to learn as well as speak. On the morning of the first day, I sat down at a table full of experienced and aspiring authors to absorb as much as I could.
That day, Jeff asked us to do a simple branding exercise. He shared it off the cuff — almost as an aside — and gave us a few minutes to fill in the following blanks he provided for the exercise:

I help _____
(do) _____
so they can _____.

A short exercise that leads to powerful results
I recognized the power of this short exercise as soon as Jeff shared it. And I also knew I could help the people seated at my table. Branding is kind of my thing.
So during the next break we had, I asked the person next to me what she’d written down for her branding statement.
When she shared it, I made a suggestion that resulted in a shorter and more direct statement.
Once she finished editing it, I could see the relief in her eyes. And the excitement, too.
So I continued around the table, talking about and honing brand statements. Each time we

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