Claiming Your Power as a Writer

Do you remember the first time you spoke the words?
I’m a writer.
It’s a little like getting that letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.
It’s exciting and intriguing. Maybe a little scary as well.
Of course, your parents think you’ll end up living in a van by the river. You think you might end up living in a van by the river.
And there may be some marketing involved. That’s a little weird to think about.
The actual life of a professional writer isn’t always as fascinating or as sexy as people think. But that’s okay. You don’t have to ruin the magic for everyone else. In fact, I want you to own it.
No matter what kind of writing you do, the practical elements matter. If you actually meet your deadlines, you’re a rare and valued unicorn, and your clients, colleagues, and editors will love you.
But in addition to practical stuff, there’s the slight of hand.
The magic.
Yes, the world wants you to be a commodity
When you start out as a professional writer, you might think the landscape looks pretty bleak. Traditional journalism and publishing are struggling, and their writers are paying the price.
And we’ve all seen the cheap freelance websites, where clients can buy words that are churned out for pennies.
The work coming from those sites might be stiff, stilted, awkward, or downright ridiculous, but some clients just want words to fill up their websites. It’s a lousy strategy, but there’s not much we can do about

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