Test Drive Rainmaker Platform to Get Free Access to More than 230 Hours of Included Training

It’s been almost a year since we launched the Rainmaker Platform, which provides a complete managed website solution for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs. And as is customary for us, we’ve given our absolute best deal to the thousands who have joined us so far.
One of the truly generous aspects of the current offer is including our Authority training community free of charge — a $399 annual cost otherwise. Membership in Authority delivers an astounding amount of value:

More than 230 hours of on-demand content marketing education
Weekly events like webinars and Q&As hosted by our team of experts
An interactive forum for networking and asking questions specific to your work
Exclusive discounts on essential tools and live events
Discounted access to the Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification Program

So it would be crazy to just give Authority memberships away for free … right? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing for Rainmaker Platform customers.
You might have already guessed that’s not going to be the case any longer. So, if you’ve been considering Rainmaker, you’ll want to give serious consideration to getting started in the next week.
Were we too generous with Rainmaker?
The value of the Rainmaker Platform has always been clear:
Add up what you would spend on each of the individual components included in a single Rainmaker Platform account — hosting, security, design, landing pages, marketing automation, membership gateways, and much more — and the cumulative monetary cost would be much higher than the single quarterly or annual fee you pay for

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