How to Craft and Deliver Captivating Presentations

You’re great at writing copy, articles, and other long-form content. But do you stare blankly at the computer screen when it comes time to write a speech?
Maybe it’s because you are nervous about actually giving the speech live — which produces much more anxiety than clicking “publish” to make a blog post go live.
You can always go back and edit the post if you find a mistake or get an idea that will improve it. You can’t do that when giving a speech, though.
Once the words come out of your mouth, they’re out there and the moment is gone. And when giving a speech, the only thing that matters is the moment when all eyes are on you.
In this post, I’m going to address how to create content that is ready for prime time and how to be ready to steal the show when it’s your moment.
You’ll find these topics and more detailed in my new book, Steal the Show.
Writing speeches and stories
Excellent public speaking can be used to promote your big ideas, as well as change and transform the way people think, what they feel, and what they do.
Your performance can save the world. Literally.

If your performance results in one person in the room making a positive change in his or her life, you’ve changed the world.
If your performance results in a big sale that will make your company so much more successful that it will create

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