Your Last Chance this Year to Join Our Community of Professional Content Marketers

This week will be the your last chance this year to join Authority — our private community of content marketers.
We’re going to be moving to limited enrollment periods, so that the Authority team and I can put all of our focus on giving our community members the best experience we can.
But before we talk about the details of that — let me connect the dots if you don’t happen to quite know what Authority is.
So what is Authority, anyway?
Authority is a community of content marketers that promotes and celebrates excellence.
Who are these content marketers? Well, lots of them are business owners who have taken the reins for their own marketing — even if they outsource some or all of the actual writing and content creation. They know they need an in-depth understanding of the strategies that work for real-world businesses with real bills to pay.
We also have many, many freelance writers in our community. They use Authority to stay on top of the skills that in-demand writers need to position themselves at the top of the heap.
And we have plenty of serious bloggers and podcasters, who are taking the next steps and turning their interesting content into sustainable (and enjoyable) businesses.
Finally, we have a solid group of savvy professional content creators who work in organizations (also known as “day jobs”), who know they need to stay sharp to keep advancing in their field.
It’s a large and diverse group — but what they have in

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