How to Design a Book Cover That Sells

If your book cover stinks, your book is not going to sell … period.
We live in a world where first impressions mean everything when it comes to quick browsing/shopping. You’ve got something like a millisecond to get someone interested in your book through your cover.
Are you 100 percent sure your cover is right for your genre? Are you 100 percent sure your cover is using the right imagery and fonts?
If not, you’ll want to listen to this episode of Authorpreneur with master book cover designer Derek Murphy.
In this episode of Authorpreneur, host Jim Kukral and Derek Murphy discuss:

How to design a book cover that sells
The biggest mistakes authors make when designing book covers
How much should you pay for a book cover design?
Are pre-made covers worth it and should you use them?
Illustrations vs. stock photography? Which one is best?
Nonfiction vs. fiction book cover design secrets

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