How to Fully Engage Your Readers’ Brains with Images

This is an ode to your visual cortex.
It’s a little unsung hero that sits, unassuming, at the back of your brain.
It’s small — almost hidden — but it dominates your senses and creates the world around you.
And it’s hungry.
You see, your visual cortex is fast. It processes visual information faster than the rest of your brain processes words.
That’s why one of the most important things you can do to put a finishing touch on any piece of content is to add an image.
The image you add to your next post, podcast episode, or social media missive may connect with your reader in 13 milliseconds (or less). You’re able to convey meaning before a single word is read.
Images are powerful communicators.
Are you fully engaging your readers’ brains with images? If not, read on. We’re going to talk about how to find, choose, and use images so you can harness their power in all of your content.
Use an image to boost understanding and retention
On some level, we all know that images help draw attention to written words, even if just from our experience of paging through a website or looking at a social media platform.
Great images tend to make us stop and look.
There’s proof for this, actually. A 2013 study by MDG Advertising showed that content featuring compelling images averages 94 percent more total views than content without.
But there’s more.
Images don’t just draw eyeballs. They boost understanding (and memory), too.
Text and oral presentations are not just

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