How to ‘Steal the Show’ Both Onstage and Off, with Michael Port

In this episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker talks to entrepreneur and world-renowned public speaker Michael Port about how to prepare for a speech or presentation and tips on how to steal the show.
Have you ever really wanted to absolutely nail a sales presentation or speech? Or to know exactly how to bring out your best self in any and every setting?
Here to share how to do just that is Michael Port. Michael is an uber-successful entrepreneur, world-renowned public speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and credentialed actor.
Today, Michael shares insights on how non-actors can steal the show in any situation. He reveals how to bring the best version of ourselves in a sales pitch, a speech, or any other important area of life.
Chris and Michael cover the seven steps for preparing for a speech or presentation (or any other high-stakes setting), the five frameworks to build your speech, write your article, or create your presentation.
There are so many value bombs dropped in this episode, you’ll need to get your notebook out when you listen in!
In this one-hour episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker and Michael Port discuss:

What is the Performer’s Paradox?
How do you know if you’ve rehearsed enough?
What’s the best way to overcome stage fright?
Does Michael ever get nervous before he takes the stage?
Should you focus on a strong opening or a strong finish in your speech?
Much, much more!

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