How to Play the Long Game to Bring Your Idea to Life

Not long ago, Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto were driving back from a client meeting. It went well, but they couldn’t help asking themselves, “What’s our thing?”
Lindsay and Chris run a creative agency, Round Two Creative Group. They make websites, set up email systems, create original content, build sales funnels, and more.
But what was their silver bullet? What differentiated them from everyone else?
As they drove back to San Diego, it suddenly became clear: they’d talk about hair ties … for guys!
Except they didn’t have any hair ties. For guys, or for anyone. Or a website. Or a brand. Or anything — except an idea and a funny commercial they made.
That’s when they realized it’s not about a loop of elastic. It’s about why guys with long hair need hair ties for guys.
Chris and Lindsay’s story is this month’s Hero’s Journey feature. We’re tapping the collective wisdom of our community members to bring you reports from the front lines of the content marketing world. Read all the Hero’s Journey posts here.
Let’s hear directly from Chris and Lindsay to discover how two guys created a recognizable brand around their long hair.
How to build a business around a unifying idea
Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto: We realized guys with long hair need advocates, education, and a place to celebrate.

Advocate: Countless world influencers have been men with long hair, yet today they’re called “slacker” and “hippie,” told to get a job, and that they

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