How to Rev Up Your Article from the Start

Cartoonists don’t think straight.
If you tell them about cars, they think of chewing gum.
If you talk to them about dinner, they think of heel balm.
In short, they force-fit thoughts that may have no connection to each other. 
But what’s a cartoonist got to do with the opening paragraphs of your article?
When you think about it, most of us get stuck while writing introductions.
Let’s say we want to write about “growing tomatoes in a small space.”
What are you thinking of right now? Sure, “tomatoes in a small space.” Which is fine to start, but it’s plain and boring.
How can you find an enticing angle to fascinate readers?
Think like a cartoonist to grab attention
As you likely already know, your article is only part information — the other part is entertainment.
An analogy or story helps wake up readers and attract them to your writing.
They add surprises we don’t expect. A surprising outlook grabs our attention — and keeps that attention.
In a world where everyone starts articles the same boring way, you have a chance to stand out.
Instead of yet another drab opening to your article, think a bit creatively — a bit like cartoonists do. 
And as a cartoonist/writer, here’s my advice on how you go about creating a perky start to your article.
Let’s look at an example about an article on the topic of “malware”
Now, “malware and computers” are related. So again, what are you thinking of?
“Malware and computers,” right? Or you might

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