The Single Best Way to Create Hit Content in Record Time

Once in a while, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to publish a piece of stunning content without writing it from scratch?
You’re in luck, content marketer, there is.
But wait … No doubt right about now you’re wondering if I’m depriving some village of their idiot.
If maybe I hit bottom and kept digging? If maybe I’m about to introduce you to the content creation version of the ShamWow?
Relax. What I’m saying is completely achievable. It’s called republishing.
Republishing is the process of updating and polishing an old article — and then publishing it on a new date. That’s it.
It’s something we do here at Copyblogger. It isn’t necessarily an easy publishing option either, if you want to do it right.
Dedicating time and effort to republishing benefits your content marketing efforts in several ways.
Today we’re going to explore five, as well as the steps to take to republish your own content.
1. Expose old content to a larger audience
When you update and republish a piece of content from the past that your audience enjoyed, your current audience gets a chance to consume and enjoy this content as if it were new.
For instance, excellent articles Brian Clark wrote back in 2007 can be updated and shared with the much larger audience Copyblogger has today.
That new exposure has positive effects …
2. Attract more links and social shares
Here’s one of those positive effects: because the URL stays the same, republished content gets a new chance

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