A Practical Approach to Using Powerful Cornerstone Content on Your Site

We’ve been talking about cornerstone content a lot lately.
Not sure what cornerstone content is? Here’s a quick explanation:
Website owners use cornerstone content to answer the fundamental questions their newest prospects have. Cornerstone pages are informative, instructive, and they help your prospects understand the foundational information needed to interact with your business.
Cornerstone content pages answer those cocktail party questions. You know the ones I mean, right?
They’re those questions you get asked at a cocktail party right after you tell someone what you do:

How does [your business] apply to me?
Why did you get into [your business]? What motivates you?
How can I get started with [your business]?
What do I need to know to be smart about [your business]?
How can [your product or service] help me?
If I’m just learning about [your field of expertise], what do I need to know first?

In this post, we’re going to cover how to use cornerstone content on your site and invite you to join us for free cornerstone content education we’ll offer next month.
You heard that right: free cornerstone content education! If you can’t wait to sign up for that, scroll to the bottom of this post and get your name on the list.
How to make cornerstone pages into content stars
We recommend you set up cornerstone content as a page on your site, not a post. There’s a good reason for this.
You’ll want to grant cornerstone content pages “most-favored content” status. You don’t want them to get lost in the mists of

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