Jump-start Your 2016 with the Best of Copyblogger 2015

Did you see that year that just flew by?
It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that Sonia Simone welcomed 2015 with My Challenge to You for 2015: Only Connect.
In that post, Sonia talks about how business success is about getting the “Big Thing” right.
What’s your Big Thing?
You’ll recognize it as the overarching reason behind your business. It’s your motive for wanting to connect with people online. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning.
When you’re clear about your Big Thing, the details tend to fall into place.
Get clear on your Big Thing, then dive into the details below
This past year, Copyblogger took a deep dive into the details of effective content marketing.
Choosing the “best” posts from this embarrassment of riches is impossible. I mean, really? How does one choose?
It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. So, I loaded up on coffee and took a nice, long stroll through all the content we put together for you in 2015.
Thank you to our team and our readers
Before I share my list, I want to take a moment to thank Demian Farnworth and Stefanie Flaxman for their work on the editorial team this year.
Demian’s can-do attitude and epic content marketing skills made for some exceptional posts this year.
And Stefanie’s eagle-eyed editing instincts have polished every post below into its best possible form.
To all the guest writers whose work we published this year, thanks to you, too. You accepted our suggestions

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