6 Marks of Effective Content: ‘The Lego Movie’ Edition

Shortly after the release of The Lego Movie (2014), more than one professional marketer went on record to say that it was the best piece of content marketing they’d seen in a long time.
Well, I finally saw the movie, and I don’t buy that claim. Why?
To be honest, I have a hunch it won’t pass a simple test — a test I’m calling “The Six Marks of Effective Content.”
And what exactly are those six marks? They are:

A headline that instantly commands attention
An opening that hooks your audience
An element of education, inspiration, or entertainment
A persuasive story
A single, focused moral
A well-crafted call to action

Seems easy enough to pass, but before we dive in, do me a favor if you have seen the movie: Think through how you would grade the movie based on these six marks. And then let’s see how we compare at the end. Cool?
Here we go.
1. A headline that instantly commands attention: A+
If we were to evaluate the title of the movie based on the four U’s of headline writing, The Lego Movie is a below-average headline:

Is it useful? No.
Is it urgent? No.
Is it unique? Yes.
Is it ultra-specific? Not really — all we know is that it’s a movie about Lego bricks.

A headline I would write for the movie using the four U’s might look something like:

Soap Bubbles and 44 Other Surprising Things You Can Make with Lego Pieces
The Fellowship of the Brick
Lord Business Is No Megamind

However, the headline doesn’t

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