How to Take the Guesswork Out of Content Marketing

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Here’s the harsh truth about any marketing: there’s no magic switch you can flip to turn it “on” and make it start working immediately.
Marketing with content is no exception to this rule.
Content marketing results happen slowly, and they happen over time.
If you do it right, you’ll create content that continues to send you new prospects and customers for many years after you created it.
If you do it right is the operative phrase here.
Content marketing reality check
Too often, your content marketing efforts look like this:

You set out to create content that attracts leads to your business. It sort of works.
Then you hear about some new content marketing technique that promises to “revolutionize your business.” Maybe it’s infographics. Or SlideShare. Or webinars. Or Facebook ads. Or even marketing automation.
So you set out to learn this new thing. Because it’s #amazing. Right? It’s the thing that’s going to transform your business!
While you’re learning the new thing, the old reliable things are stagnating. That solid, effective content you could be creating gets ignored and abandoned.

Here’s the truth:
When you don’t know what really works, every new content marketing technique that comes along is a distraction.
Every new tool takes time and energy to learn.
In the meantime, you’re guessing at what will work. You don’t have time to investigate every claim, so you take a guess at what you want to try

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