CAN-SPAM 101: A Crash Course in Bulk Email Regulations

I met a woman at a networking event last year. I’ll call her Nicki.
Nicki and I chatted for a few minutes, and she struck me as smart and motivated. I liked her.
That was six months ago, and now Nicki’s emails are driving me insane.
After that networking event, Nicki added my name and email address to her mailing list. She didn’t ask if I wanted to join her list — she just added me.
And since then, about once a month, Nicki has been copying me on bulk email messages she sends to hundreds of people using her email’s “BCC” field.
None of Nicki’s emails have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom, so I can’t opt out of these emails without personally writing to her and saying, “Please stop emailing me!”
Nicki’s email marketing strategy is a CAN-SPAM nightmare. She’s breaking the law on a regular basis, and I’ll bet she has no idea she’s doing it. It even gets worse.
Nicki’s emails are also so annoying that I’ve decided I’m never doing business with her or sending her any referrals. She’s lost a potential relationship with me by breaking email marketing regulations.
Nicki could be charged thousands of dollars for every email she sends that isn’t CAN-SPAM compliant. The way I figure it, Nicki could be charged more than $95,000 just for the emails she’s sent me in the last six months.
Don’t become a CAN-SPAM nightmare. When you follow these simple regulations from

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