Dan Pink on How to Succeed in the New Era of Selling

Selling isn’t what it used to be.
And for most of us, that’s a good thing.
Gone are the days of alpha males who are “always closing.” Today, in the new era of selling that has dawned, many of us are spending much more of our time selling than we even realize.
This is the subject of Authority Rainmaker keynote speaker Dan Pink’s latest book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, and he gives us an inside look — describing the tools and traits that are required (many of which you probably have already) — in the latest episode of The Lede.
In this episode, Dan Pink and I discuss:

Tips for building a network (hint: be genuine!).
How we’ve moved from buyer beware to seller beware.
Two reasons why humility has become an essential trait for modern-day selling.
Why “Always Be Closing” has been replaced by “Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity.”
Dispelling the myth that strong extroverts are best-suited for selling.
Why the new era of information symmetry makes expertise and conscientiousness more valuable than ever.
How the concept of “servant selling” should be applied to content marketing strategy.
How to use extrinsic motivators and intrinsic motivators at the appropriate times to achieve the desired results.

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