Online Courses: 5 Steps to Mastering this Digital Education Powerhouse

Online courses are one of the most popular forms of web-based business today.

They’re in-demand, which makes them easy to market
They support premium pricing, so they can quickly become profitable
They’re a smart way to leverage the time you put into product creation

Those are all great reasons that developing a digital course might be a smart idea for you and your business.
But if you start from there, you’re going to have a hard time.
Because, just like any business (online or off), your business needs to serve the needs of your audience and customers if it’s going to survive … and thrive.
The best online courses have their success “baked in.”
Start with thoughtful preparation to craft the exact educational experience your audience wants to buy. And then, of course, deliver that experience.
You might be tempted to skip these planning steps. But if you do, your digital education business will take much longer to get traction.
Pave the road to a successful course with these five steps.
Step #1: Find your market of hungry learners
You may be familiar with the old marketing “riddle” that copywriter Gary Halbert liked to ask:
What’s the most important success factor for a restaurant?
No, it’s not the menu, the service, the quality of the chef, or even the location.
It’s a starving crowd that will show up to buy what’s being sold.
Finding that “starving crowd” will make everything about your business so much easier.
The same is true for all businesses. Your online course needs to find its “hungry

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