The Content Junkyard (and Why So Many Articles Fail)

On May 22, 1919, a New York hotel owner named Raymond Orteig announced a prize.
The Orteig Prize, as it came to be known, was the whopping sum of $25,000 (about $340,000 in 2015). It was to be given to the first allied aviators who flew nonstop from New York to Paris or vice versa. 
Six aviators died in the pursuit of that prize.
Then an American air mail pilot named Charles Lindbergh took up the challenge. On May 20, 1927, he took off from Roosevelt Field in New York and landed in Paris 33.5 hours later. Many before him had tried to fly the route in stages. Lindbergh’s feat was that he did it alone and without stopping. 
I’m going to explain why it’s not a good idea to follow the Lindbergh method when you write articles.
The 4 main writing stages
As writers, we see the vast expanse of an article in front of us, and we assume it’s possible to write the article from start to finish. But one of the biggest reasons why we struggle with writing is that we don’t break down the article-writing process into stages.
So, what stages do you need to go through to write an article?
Consider these four stages:

Outline your content
Craft a fascinating introduction
Communicate your core message
Edit and proofread

Let’s explore each one.
1. Outline your content
Animators first create rough sketches and storyboards. Chefs assemble recipes and ingredients. Athletic stars perform warm-up routines before they get to the stadium. 
Many writers simply sit down to

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