Why Copyblogger Media is Betting Big on Podcasting

Back in 2005, I came up with the idea for Copyblogger, a site that taught people how to create text content and copy to sell products and services. Right … everyone knows that.
But did you know a competing idea was to instead start a podcast? To say that would have been the wrong move (in several ways) is a monumental understatement.
For one, I had never recorded anything other than bad tape recordings and a few .wav files. And for another, it was way to early for the medium and the technology.
But even now in 2015, why is Copyblogger Media — a company that came to prominence in part by teaching people how to write — now embracing the podcasting phenomenon this strongly? Well, in many ways, audio makes more sense for more people than text. The Internet is just now catching up.
If you want to know why (and how) we’re betting big on podcasting, you’ll have to tune in. And if you like what you hear, you’re about to have a whole lot more to listen to when it comes to digital marketing advice and commentary.
In this 48-minute episode Robert Bruce and I discuss:

More on why I didn’t start a podcast in 2005
A short history of Copyblogger audio content
Why we’re betting big on audio, and you should too
The thinking behind our decision to build a podcast network
A brief overview of the current Rainmaker.FM lineup
What’s coming next (and soon) for Rainmaker.FM …

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