Freelance Writers Share the Surprising Keys to Their Successful Careers

We talk about the lives of professional writers and content marketers a lot on these pages.
And we’ve done our fair share of interviews with well-known writers and top-notch content marketers.
But what about those writers whose names you may not know, but who have discovered the secrets to running profitable freelance writing businesses?
We thought it was time to shine the light on these folks so you could learn from their journeys. And to find them, we didn’t have to go far: our Certified Content Marketer page is full of them.
Welcome to our Certified Stories series, where we’ll share insights and tips from successful freelance writers.
Here’s who’s joined us today:

Terri Cruce is a copywriter and content marketer for small business owners and solopreneurs who understand the need for well-written, engaging content, but lack the desire, skill set, or time to create it themselves. Contact Terri
Mark Crosling offers content creation, plus content, social, and search strategy. Contact Mark
Sharlyn Lauby is a Master Level Certified Content Marketer who offers human resources content marketing that focuses on strategic campaigns to increase engagement and lead generation. Contact Sharlyn

Read on as Terri, Mark, and Sharlyn spill their professional secrets.
Who’s your favorite type of client to work with?
We all have clients who are secretly our favorites.
It’s probably in our best interests to hide the fact that we enjoy working with them so much, we’d almost do their work for free.
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