What’s the Difference Between a Professional Writer and a Content Marketer?

I’ve been a writer for a long, long time. I’ve written something every day for around 30 years now. (Okay, I took about a week off when I had a C-section.)
I’ve been a content marketer since 2004, even though we didn’t call it that back then.
These days, I’m a Chief Content Officer — a job title that didn’t exist just a few years ago.
I love and respect writers, and I know a lot of them. Some are successful; some are struggling.
And I have some thoughts on what can make the difference.
You may know that we run a program to certify excellent writers as Certified Content Marketers.
What does that mean? What’s the difference between a good writer and a good content marketer?
(Spoiler alert: I kind of spilled the beans with the post image.)
But first things first: What is this content marketing thing, anyway?
Here’s how I’ve defined it in the past:
Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, imagery, audio, or video that delivers a relevant, interesting message to a customer or prospect, while at the same time paving the way for a sale.
Good content requires excellent writing. But the elements of strategy and structure need to be in place to get it to work as marketing. Which is, after all, what we get paid for.
So, here are five elements that separate high-quality content marketing from material that’s well-written but might not deliver the same business value.
1. It has to move the audience
You may have

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