Website Blunders: How to Look Like a Pro (and Not Like a Fool)

We all know we have just a split second to make a great impression online. Users hover over their mouses, ready to click away from your site if they don’t like what they see.
There’s a lot riding on the quality of our websites. (No pressure!)
This week on Hit Publish, three Copyblogger experts share their best advice on designing websites that put the best face on your online business.
Tune in to Hit Publish to hear from host Pamela Wilson and her guests Rafal Tomal, Brian Gardner, and Tony Clark as they discuss:

The real reason “flat” design has taken hold, and how to recognize it when you see it
The website technology that’s the wave of the future, according to Brian Gardner of StudioPress
How to be inspired by other websites (and not follow their lead blindly)

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