How to Build a Profitable Email List with Social Media Advertising

Your email list is the most valuable asset for an online business. There’s a lot to consider when maximizing the number of people who sign up, but sometimes you have to also focus on getting enough people to see your opt-in in the first place.
Noah Kagan has spent over $2 million on Facebook ads while building his business AppSumo, powered by an email list of over 700,000. A bold move, but you have to also realize that Kagan was employee number 30 at Facebook and helped build their ad system.
Needless to say, Noah has vast experience and can share exactly how to do profitable ad spends on Facebook for list-building. So who better to have on the show for another free consulting wisdom-seeking episode of New Rainmaker?
In this 29-minute episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Brian and Noah Kagan discuss:

Why you should focus on fundamentals instead of Facebook
Is Facebook now a pay-to-play platform for marketers?
How to convert social traffic into email subscriptions
A longer (more profitable) view of social media advertising
What you should do if an ad spend is profitable
How to make sure your ad campaigns will work
Why he suggests using retargeting for product-based campaigns
Which social ad platforms have performed best for him
How to successfully advertise on Twitter
Two surprisingly successful recent ad campaigns

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