How to Supercharge Your Online Authority an Hour at a Time

Here at Copyblogger, we don’t espouse the “get rich quick” message that’s so prevalent in online business circles.
If anything, our message has always been:
“Let us show you how to work hard on the right things so you can see results over time.”
Not too sexy, right?
That’s OK. We’re not aiming for a catchy tagline — we’re aiming to get you real results.
We’ve found that when you build your online presence slowly and carefully, you create a long-lasting asset — an audience of people who want to hear from you, who need your help, and who trust you implicitly.
Cultivating lasting attention and trust around a product or service might be less glamorous and more hard work than the “trick-them-onto-an-email-list-and-clobber-them-with-offers” approach.
But that investment in your audience pays off in a long-term business that increases in value over time.
Today, I’m pleased to announce that our flagship program that teaches you how to build your online authority the “Copyblogger way” is open again.
And to celebrate, we’ve rolled back the membership price until next week. Click to join us inside Authority.
Online authority helps you build an audience around your product or service
We teach a flexible framework you can use to build a business based on your online authority.
Framework is an intentional word choice.
Our plan involves a set of actions that work for all kinds of online businesses. And once you know how they work together, you can apply them to your own business today, a new business you might start

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