Make Content Magic with Deliberate Imitation and a Simple Kitchen Timer

Your target audience isn’t interested in reading 5,000 articles from you.
They’ll read one and decide whether or not to stick around. If the article’s message resonates with them, they might read a second, maybe a third. And then they’ll naturally subscribe to your email list or sign up for your membership site to stay connected with you.
That’s why instead of churning out great volumes of content, we should focus on “making magic” with every article we write.
But making content magic isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out.
At first, we have good taste — and can recognize professional, remarkable content — but we don’t have the ability to write at our level of taste.
How can we overcome this frustrating situation and produce writing that matches the quality of the content we like to consume?
Take a look at this video, which puts the words of This American Life host Ira Glass into motion.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.
To close the gap between our taste and our ability — to create “magic” content — we have to write deliberately, and we have to write a lot.
It’s easier to write a lot when we write faster. In the next sections, we’ll cover:

How to write with purpose
How to write faster

First, copy a writing style you admire
Select a writer whose work you love and start copying their writing style. Don’t plagiarize them; simply mimic their style.
If you look at the style of a

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