Are You Fascinating Enough to Be a Content Marketer?

If you work closely with someone with bright pink hair, you might begin to question whether you are interesting enough to contribute your thoughts to the topic at hand.
Followings on the internet are built on memorability, right?
I mean, if you don’t give high-energy talks like Gary Vaynerchuk, dress on-brand like Mari Smith, or sport a high-voltage cranium like Michael Port, how will people know you exist?
Not that I’ve ever had any of those thoughts.
Is having an indelible personal brand a requirement for content marketing success? If you don’t have that, should you throw in the towel before you start?
Building a platform around your personality
There’s a conversation I’ve had multiple times with some of the most well-known people online. People who — if you met them — might make you a little nervous. You might feel like you were in the presence of a celebrity!
Here’s how the conversation goes:
“I know I’m well-known within this group. But my family still doesn’t understand what I do. I talk to my neighbors and they say, ‘So, you make money on the internet? How does that work?’ And if all my ‘fans’ could see me in my day-to-day life they wouldn’t get so nervous talking to me.”
The internet gives us a place to build our own mini “kingdoms” of celebrity that we reign over. This process was much more difficult to do just 10-15 years ago. But now, we can gather our tribes, build our audiences, and

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