This Is How You Become a Writer

Stop. I see you, mid-eye-roll. I know you’re aware that you need to write regularly if you want to become a writer.
You might aim to write something every day, even if you don’t publish it anywhere. There’s no substitute for that type of practice. It’s that valuable.
But what do you write about if you don’t have any thoughts to express?
Some of you may now be talking out loud to your web browser to offer a rebuttal to that question, so I’m going to stop you again.
It was a trick question. If you’re a writer, there is always something to write about because of the way you view your experiences in the world.
Writers are fascinated with their experiences.
Today, I’m going to explore the outlook that helps you become a writer and how strong writing enables sharper content marketing.
Why you should write about everything that happens to you
A bee was trapped in my fireplace … Someone cut in line in front of me at the grocery store … I was stuck in rush-hour traffic …
Those are the types of experiences I used to turn into stories when I first started writing. And my writing style still includes relevant anecdotes that support the main message I want to communicate.
But in the early days of my writing journey, there wasn’t always a main message I wanted to communicate. I wasn’t creating content intentionally yet; I just needed to develop my writing voice and get used to typing words

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