How a Minimalist Design Made an Unexpected Impact on Book Sales

Once in a while, you make a decision that affects your business and 100 percent of your revenue stream.
Such was the case with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, except that he had someone else to share the blame with when things fell apart — Brian Gardner.
Nearly a year ago, Brian redesigned Joshua’s website, and along the way Brian insisted he remove the sidebar … which was where Joshua was selling his books. In the spirit of minimalism, they felt it was necessary, and the impact it had was something neither one of them expected.
In this 18-­minute episode of No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner and Joshua Becker discuss:

The prequel to Joshua’s website, Becoming Minimalist
The burden of our possessions
How Becoming Minimalist began
The story of how Brian and Joshua met
Thoughts on Becoming Minimalist’s redesign
Removing the sidebar on Joshua’s website and how it affected book sales
Leo Babauta and selling your readers’ attention
The Proxima Nova typeface
#brocation in Breckenridge and our ski run down Briar Rose

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