Email Segmentation 101: A beginner’s guide to sending better emails

Email segmentation is the practice of dividing your email subscribers into segments based on common traits and then sending tailored emails to those segments.

When you get segmentation right, the rewards are many. And this post will teach you the basics so you can start engaging your subscribers effectively.

What is email segmentation?

Email segmentation is more than just dividing your list between ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ subscribers and sending an email blast.

It’s also more than simply slapping a [FirstName] merge tag in the subject or the opening line to claim

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What is the CTR average for emails? And how to improve yours.


There is no single CTR average for emails. Several factors influence this number.Reviewing existing data will give a good indicator of what your CTR average should be based on your industry and the types of emails you’re sending.You can take specific steps to improve your CTR and boost conversions.

Smart copywriters and marketers understand the importance of data when writing copy.

And when it comes to emails, there are few metrics more important than your click-through rate (CTR).

“Click-through rate, or email click rate, is the measure of how many people

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What is copywriting? Why it’s critical to your bottom line.

Copywriting is the art and science of using words to get a reader to take action. Online, copywriting is your online salesperson.

Let that sink in. Words are responsible for selling. Which means they are directly connected to revenue.

That’s why it’s critical to understand copywriting, copywriters, and how copy can increase sales – and your bottom line.

What is copywriting?

Writing persuasive words that motivate readers to take action is called copywriting.

The sole purpose of copywriting is to get the reader to take the desired action (or “convert”).

Copy that gets the

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Are you a content writer or copywriter? There’s a difference. And it matters.

Content writing tells a compelling story that both entertains and educates your audience. Whereas copywriting persuades that audience to take action, mostly in the form of sales.

While most writers know these definitions, the line between the two can get blurry. Especially when you find yourself writing for both.

Content writing. Copywriting. Same diff right?

Not quite.

The difference between content writing and copywriting comes down to how they’re written. The end goal of the writing affects how the writer creates the piece and the skills needed to do

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Going for the cold with Facebook Ads

Here are all the things we thought about and didto 4X+ our spend on cold Facebook traffic.

A “hard no” was what we were up against. 

But I’d helped less beloved companies profitably reach new audiences on Facebook, so our lobby team of two kept pushing.


It was nearly Black Friday, and my partner in this endeavour Angela Stojanov, another acquisition lead here at Copyhackers, was determined to convince our colleagues – our very skeptical colleagues – to advertise on Facebook.

Ange floated a casual: “hey, we should run Facebook ads for

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Why I’m quitting traditional buyer personas.

“Once I figure out what to do with my dining room table, I’ll be free to move.”

But what sort of impact does a table have on a major life decision like buying a condo?

As innovation consultant Bob Moesta found out, quite a lot.

The table helped shape the winning offer – which included more than just the condo.

And the table provided critical insight into the condo buyers’ mindset.

And yet, a detail like a dining room table isn’t something you’d typically find on most marketers’ beloved buyer persona and ideal client

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I am an introvert. Here’s how I went from fearing authority to speaking on stages.

“I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.”

^^ Monica Lewinsky at a Women’s Day presentation I attended in 2017. 

Yes, that Monica Lewinsky. The woman who, by some POVs, almost brought down Bill Clinton’s presidency because she kept a certain blue dress. 

Her presentation was so well crafted on the subject of cyber bullying, I couldn’t stop watching. But it also felt like a warning: visibility can be bad. Making yourself into a household name might not be the business windfall you think

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SaaS Websites: Is shorter copy really better?


3 CRO-killing trends to avoid in your SaaS web copy
What was REALLY going on in the NNG study that suggested people don’t read online
5 factors for winning SaaS website copy
Yes, sometimes short copy is better than long copy
3 actions to improve your web copy performance

“It’s too long.”
Web copywriters get this feedback all the time.
But I suspect SaaS copywriters hear it most.
Because in the world of SaaS websites, short copy reigns supreme.
For example:


Oh and this:

If you search long enough, you’ll find the rare SaaS website that uses somewhat longer

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How to write a landing page for problem-aware visitors

All the optimizing in the world can’t fix a landing page that doesn’t match your visitor’s expectations.

With the rising cost of PPC campaigns and the mad competition of organic search, the wrong messaging (especially at the top of the funnel) will lead to higher bounce rates than Ice Cube in the 90s. 

God that’s a solid reference. Anyway…

Landing pages should never be a one-size-fits-all experience.

Presenting the same message to everyone —  cold traffic, warm traffic, email subscribers,  long-time customers — is a good way to come across as tone-deaf.


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How a Unique Selling Proposition for Our Content Marketing Doubled Revenue

They say it takes 6-12 months for content marketing and SEO to “start working.”

Does that seem like a long time for you? It does to me…

John Bonini and his team at Litmus took six months before his traffic started to climb:

Marcus Sheridan was blogging on and saw a traffic increase in six months. 

And that was by posting 2-3 times a week back in the SEO glory-days of years gone bye.

AND he was spending a crap-ton of money on PPC. 

(Do not confuse this with a metric ton. Or

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