Last Day: Get Rainmaker Standard Before It’s Gone

This is it.
The last day of Rainmaker Standard’s existence.
After today, there will be no more Rainmaker Standard and no more Rainmaker Pro. There will simply be the Rainmaker Platform.
It’s everything you need — an all-in-one total online marketing solution that gives you the ability to create meaningful online experiences for your audience, which will make you a lot more money.
So by all means, jump right into Rainmaker Pro. We’re removing Standard from the sales page for a reason. And the price of the platform won’t stay this low for long.
But if you want to start your Rainmaker Platform account at the lowest available price — just without the learning management system, marketing automation, and integrated email — then claim your Rainmaker Standard account before it’s too late.
You must start your no-obligation, 14-day free trial before 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time today, Thursday, December 17, 2015.
After that, the Rainmaker Platform will merge into a single plan, and the starting price point is going to be 44 percent higher than what you’ll pay for Standard today.
That’s why there is no better time than now to get started.

Give it a test drive.
See if it’s for you.
Cancel within 14 days if it’s not.

If it is, you’ll have locked in the current low price, and you’ll be well on your way to creating remarkable online experiences that will bring you more revenue.
Start your free, 14-day Rainmaker Platform trial today
About the authorJerod MorrisJerod Morris is the VP

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Last Chance to Get Started with the Rainmaker Platform for Less

You’ve heard the story by now … our company (now known as Rainmaker Digital) was formed five years ago to create the Rainmaker Platform.
When we launched the Platform just over a year ago, it debuted as a powerful way to build a sophisticated website without code or development expense. It also took the pain of updating, securing, and maintaining WordPress and various plugins off of your plate.
Earlier this year in March, we introduced Rainmaker Pro, which includes marketing automation and a learning management system. As we head into 2016, we’re also adding integrated email into Rainmaker Pro, which will accelerate the power of the marketing automation features and allow for true adaptive content capabilities.
A huge shift in content marketing and digital commerce
Our vision for Rainmaker has never been to be only a powerful website builder. We want to provide a total online marketing solution, and that requires email, marketing automation, and advanced lead generation and nurturing.
The shift to adaptive content (which means providing a site visitor with the right information at the right time based on their behavior) is as profound as the shift from “brochure” websites to content-rich websites. Our goal is to provide people with the easy ability to create powerful online experiences for their prospects that makes them a lot more money.
With that in mind, we will no longer offer the Standard version of the Rainmaker Platform beginning at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, December 17, 2015. After that point, there will

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Free Webinar: Make Your Content Adaptive with Marketing Automation

The right content for the right person at the right time.
That’s the goal of adaptive content.
The benefit to your audience is a more tailored, valuable experience. The benefit to you is a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your audience.
A smart adaptive content strategy can turn audience members into customers, and it can turn customers into repeat customers.
Next week, in our latest free Rainmaker Platform webinar, Brian Clark is going to explain what you need to know to plan a smart adaptive content strategy, and I’m going to show you how to use marketing automation to execute it.
The live event takes place on Thursday, December 17, 2015, starting at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
Register for free here:
Click here to register:
Make Your Content Adaptive with Marketing Automation
And if you can’t make the live event, don’t worry … and still register.
By registering, you’ll be notified when the replay is available, so you can watch it on demand.
About the authorJerod MorrisJerod Morris is the VP of Marketing of Rainmaker Digital. He hosts The Lede and The Showrunner, as well as a daily show about living a balanced life called Primility Primer.

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How to Use an Iterative Loop to Dominate Your Niche

Here at Rainmaker Digital, we’re riding an iterative loop. It’s how we do business.
We listen, we create, we offer, we improve, and the cycle goes on.
Approaching your content strategy as an iterative loop will help you create useful, in-demand information that serves your customers and builds your business.
Out in the business world, this approach is called design thinking. And design thinking is in the news right now. Harvard Business Review ran a cover story on it this past September. The New York Times featured it earlier this month.
Here at Copyblogger, we’ve been talking about design thinking since 2010.
Design thinking isn’t difficult — it’s just different. It requires a mindset shift that will change the way you create products, content, and customer experiences.
What is design thinking?
It might be easiest to answer this question by comparing design and design thinking.
Design is about making objects functional and pleasing to the eye. Traditionally, design has been a discipline that was practiced by the small percentage of people who’d studied it or those whose aesthetic sense made them especially qualified.
Design thinking is about developing products and services using a methodology that puts the customer’s needs and experience at the forefront. It’s a different way to approach the development process.
Design thinking is driven primarily by audience needs, and the fruit it bears is based on the challenges and problems they face. It’s about looking at how real people interact with your products and services, and adapting them so

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Why LinkedIn and the Rainmaker Platform Make a Perfect Match

On The Missing Link, host Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia welcome Dylan Jones, one of their very helpful Missing Link LinkedIn group members, to share about his solid success with LinkedIn and how he drives traffic to his site that’s built on the Rainmaker Platform.
No, Sean and Mica did not pay him with cash, chocolates, or even booze to share how the Rainmaker Platform is working so well for him now.
Dylan will teach you what a content catalyst is and why LinkedIn is a crowdsourcing paradise. He shares two tips and tricks for searching for the perfect connection that Sean and Mica loved learning.
But what they are most excited to share through this interview with Dylan is his success with the Rainmaker Platform combined with LinkedIn.
Sean barely knows what to do with himself as Dylan shares specific features of Rainmaker that appeals to the B2B LinkedIn audience and how he uses LinkedIn to gather speakers, customers, and allies alike.
In this inspiring episode of The Missing Link, you’ll learn:

Creative ways to search for your best connections
Two cool LinkedIn tips you can use right now
What a content catalyst is and how they can help you
Why Dylan moved from Squarespace to the Rainmaker Platform
What to do when you find the perfect customer avatar
Why LinkedIn is a crowdsourcing paradise

Click Here to Listen toThe Missing Link on iTunes
Click Here to Listen on Rainmaker.FM
About the authorRainmaker.FMRainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get

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Free Webinar: Build a Business Around Paid Courses and Membership Sites

The goal of running an online business built around digital products and services is as old as the Internet itself.
And there are no secrets or shortcuts.
There are:

Tried-and-true models for developing an online business the smart way
Technology solutions that simplify strategy implementation and make execution more efficient and effective

In our fourth Rainmaker Platform webinar, Brian Clark and I are going to discuss a couple of these tried-and-true models: courses and membership sites. These are models that Rainmaker Digital has extensive experience not just discussing and teaching, but actually doing (over and over).
Our previous webinar laid out the big picture strategy behind creating a compelling logged-in experience on your website. This upcoming webinar will take that lesson further by describing how you actually turn that audience experience into revenue — into a business.
We’ll also walk you through a couple of live demonstrations of websites that are doing this right now using the Rainmaker Platform.
Join us Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time for free advice that can help you turn the dream of running an online business into a goal you’re ready to achieve.
Register here:
By the way, if you are interested in the topic but can’t attend the live event, you should still register.
A replay video will be available to everyone who registers, and we’ll send you an email once it’s ready.
Click here to register for the free webinar: Build a Business Around Paid Courses and Membership Sites

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Webinar: Create a Website Experience that Converts with Free Downloads, Courses, and Member Areas

Every great website is a membership site.
In today’s economy and online environment, marketing can no longer simply be the promise of an experience — marketing must actually begin the experience.
Hence our indefatigable focus on the idea of media, not marketing.
Because your marketing is not effective if it is something people want to avoid. Instead, it must become an experience that is sought-after and valued.
And this experience is powered by content.
But not just any content — adaptive content: the right high-value content delivered at the right time to the right person. This is what creates a deeper, more meaningful experience.
Which is why membership has its privileges, for both you and your prospects, customers, and clients.
So, what are the first steps toward creating a membership website? Attend our free webinar, Create a Website Experience that Converts with Free Downloads, Courses, and Member Areas, on Thursday, September 24, 2015, and we’ll tell you.
Register for the free webinar, space is limited

Why you need to deliver a logged-in experience
Okay, we won’t really make you wait until the webinar to find out what the first steps are. You might even know them already anyway.
In addition to having the correct site infrastructure in place to host a member area, you have to give people reasons to become a member in the first place.
Enter: free downloads and courses.
Free downloads and mini courses turn attention into free membership.
Once people are logged-in members, you get the power and privilege

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Test Drive Rainmaker Platform to Get Free Access to More than 230 Hours of Included Training

It’s been almost a year since we launched the Rainmaker Platform, which provides a complete managed website solution for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs. And as is customary for us, we’ve given our absolute best deal to the thousands who have joined us so far.
One of the truly generous aspects of the current offer is including our Authority training community free of charge — a $399 annual cost otherwise. Membership in Authority delivers an astounding amount of value:

More than 230 hours of on-demand content marketing education
Weekly events like webinars and Q&As hosted by our team of experts
An interactive forum for networking and asking questions specific to your work
Exclusive discounts on essential tools and live events
Discounted access to the Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification Program

So it would be crazy to just give Authority memberships away for free … right? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing for Rainmaker Platform customers.
You might have already guessed that’s not going to be the case any longer. So, if you’ve been considering Rainmaker, you’ll want to give serious consideration to getting started in the next week.
Were we too generous with Rainmaker?
The value of the Rainmaker Platform has always been clear:
Add up what you would spend on each of the individual components included in a single Rainmaker Platform account — hosting, security, design, landing pages, marketing automation, membership gateways, and much more — and the cumulative monetary cost would be much higher than the single quarterly or annual fee you pay for

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LAST DAY: Claim Your Rainmaker Platform Pro Upgrade Option Before It Expires

On Monday, Brian and I hosted a webinar that focused on the fundamentals of smarter online marketing and how the new Rainmaker Platform Pro features help you execute them.
Specifically, we went through a live demo of the Learning Management System and Marketing Automation features, which I used myself to develop The Showrunner Podcasting Course.
We got overwhelmingly positive feedback on the webinar, so we are reposting it here for anyone who missed it.
But first, an important reminder about the Rainmaker Platform Pro upgrade option that expires later today.

Act now … before our best-ever offer to upgrade to Rainmaker Platform Pro expires
Rainmaker Platform Pro — which includes the online course builder and marketing automation features — is not available for general purchase yet. Once it is, it will cost the equivalent of $145 per month (billed at $435 per quarter or $1,495 annually).

But if you start your free, 14-day trial of the Rainmaker Platform by today at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, you will be eligible to upgrade to Pro for a one-time fee of $495.
So you will have all of the Pro features, and you’ll receive every Pro feature enhancement going forward at no additional charge for the life of your account, but you will still be locked in at the Standard recurring rate of $95 per month (billed at $285 per quarter or $950 annually, depending on your plan) instead of the $145 per month you’d otherwise pay.
Basically: you’ll save money in the

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The Proper Way to Automate Your Social Media Activities (and 5 Other Best Practices)

Let’s face it. Social media is one of those warm, fuzzy, but murky activities that exist in the business world.
It can be a conversation — a cocktail party — or a content distribution channel.
For some, it’s both. And more!
Regardless of how we choose to use it, we naturally have to ask: What’s the return on our investment?
I think Gary Vaynerchuk said it best when responding to a CMO who demanded to know how to determine the ROI of social media:
What’s the ROI of your mother?
Gary’s got a point. Sort of.
When it comes to social media activity, Gary is a force. A freak of nature. He even wrote a book about it. Seth Godin, not so much.
Seth Godin’s active Twitter account is an RSS feed. A pure distribution channel. His personal account is just a placeholder.

So which marketing giant gets it right?
Tough to tell. There are no hard and fast rules. Just best practices.
I have to be honest: I have a love-hate relationship with social media.
Yes, I get giddy like a school girl when people retweet, favorite, or like my content. But some days I’m tempted to simply delete my accounts so I can focus and get some work done.
Every writer needs distraction-free time. The novelist Zadie Smith uses the software apps Freedom and SelfControl. Me, I just schedule my tweets to give myself a break from the Internet.
This practice, however, can raise some serious protest among the purists. Dan Shure vows never to

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